So far, so good?

So, i´m lucky so far for what i`ve done and the people i´ve met. I think that everyone of them taught me in their own way, and also is in me to learn or at least to find out what to learn. I think that is one of the reasons i like travelling, cause i […]

Amazed once more.

Hey Folks, it´s been a while. Lately i´m quite busy with work, university and stuff. Last weekend, was once of those weekens that i love, mainly cause i did a kind of ´last minute call´ to Santiago de Chile. After ending university final exams (passed 6 out of 6, i´m awsome) decided i needed to […]

Let me get out!

I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But since i remember i´ve been trying to get out of this country! Took me quite a long time to understand this feeling, but for the past two years i reallly understood why. I was borned in a very posh area, where kids usually go to play rugby or […]

trying not.

I remember that when i was a kid that i had lots of issues, mainly at school but some from bullying and racism. I grew up in a neighborhood where rugby, sports and ¨good looking¨ where like a must, but unfotunately i had none of those three in me. I was more the geek type, […]

How to, Forget?

How to forget… How to forget when someone ask you for a kiss? How to forget when someone hughs you  very hard? How to forget when a persona makes you do stuff that you never do, good stuff. And shows you happiness and love? How to forget when someone takes care of you in a […]

Almost a year

Life is about time, and all what happens in it. We live our lives trying to avoid many things just to feel comfort, and by doing that we forget the real meaning of it. Almost a year ago i lived a critical momento of my life, and thanks to that i realice that what i […]

At a Train;

I remember it was December, a few days before new years eve and i was sitting at a trainga travelling from Canterbury to London, UK. If i have to explain the reasons of WHY i was there, it would take me quite a long time, so i´ll try to ¨revive¨ the moment in words. 10 […]

Everyday remember….

I could lie to me and not be honest about you. I do miss you, and i still think about you every day. But my life must go on, with a minimum hope that i´ll you see you again in the future. There´s still a lot to live, and many places to visit; if i´m lucky […]

Just in time…

The right moment when you realize how much you care about someone, is the moment most needed. Dont let this happen to you, always be honest about feelings and bet you’ll be living your life.  

About dreams

  When i was younger i had a pretty weird experience with dreams. One time i had this dream about a ex gilfriend, that she was very sad, and in a very sad situation. Even though i wasn’t talking to her like for 4 years i decide to text her principally to know how was […]