Sometimes you wake up and you find youself alone in the dark. You Don’t need worry

Sometimes you arrive to your home, and is empty, no one around is there. You Don’t need to worry

Sometimes, you pick a cigarrete and no one is around to give you light. You Don’t need to worry..

Sometimes, you sing…but there´s no one listening. You Don’t need to worry

Sometimes, you feel ill, but there´s no one around to take care of you. You Don’t need to worry.


Do you know why you don’t need to worry? Because, even though no one in a physical form is around, there´s someone, that at that moment is thinking about you. Someone that cares about you, someone that tells you ¨Good night¨ when he or she/ goes to bed, someone that says ¨good morning¨ with a big smile and thinks of hugging you.

Never forget that, because that person will never forget you.


.Guido Bettinelli

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