About Friendship

I think that everyone get to a point that can confuse a relationship of friendship with love. Most of the times is that, but recently, it happened to me totally the opposite let me tell you my story.

Around august this year i meet this girl in BA, at a very know event where people goes to practice languages mainly and meet people for other countrys. The problem was that i felt in love with her, we had a huge accident on my motorcycle and a few days after she left the country. I never had the opportunity of telling her how i felt about her, so i had crazy idea of tell her, 4 months later, in the Town where she live´s.

I wasnt expecting much, i needed to see her before ending the year, and seemed a good idea. So i bought a ticket, and after Tokyo i flew to the UK. Meeting her was nice, but i realized how important she was for me and i had to leave the town before messing myself up.

Friends are telling me that i should be proud for doing what my heart told me, there´s a lot of people that cant do that, but i´m not quite sure if i am. I´ll try my best not to let this influence my 2016, but i´ve learned a few things about this.

  1. Never surrender.
  2. Now i know, there´s nothing impossible to do.
  3. New goals.

For the past few thats i´ve been thinking about this ¨adventure¨ and writing about it is becoming quite difficult, i think is because i need to digest more what happened. So probably i´ll be more detailed about all this next time i write about it.

Questions are welcome, comments, opinions…Every thing.

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