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About Tokyo, Japan.


I remember that when my dad asked me if i wanted to visit Tokyo, and see River Plate play the Semi-final and Final of the FIFA´s Club World Cup, my first thought was ¨No way, No one goes to Tokyo¨. But a few months later i realized that it was going to be an adventure, and the idea to make this trip a Father and Son one, was also a good idea.

So the 9th of December 2015 we began our adventure. The flight schedule was pretty ¨hard¨, and we werent quite sure how it would end for us. First flight was fom BA EZEIZA, Argentina – Al Mahad, Doha, Qatar, and that flight was estimated to last, at least, 12 hours. After a 3 hours stop, another flight to Narita, Tokyo for another 12 hours.

I forgot to tell that we had another stop in Sao Pablo Airport, so at the end we were like 29 hours travelling. But the biggest issue that we would confront was: JETLAG.

I dont know if you guys know, but there´s a 12 hours difference between Argentina and Tokyo, but 12 hours AHEAD that means that while i was fly i was ¨flying to the future¨ hahaha and in Tokyo i literally lived 12 hours ahead. So by this, it was quite hard to reconcile sleep and to take advange of the day.

It took us 2 days, and once we found out that we werent sleepy at 15hs in the afternoon we started our journeys to the different cities around ( or i might say ¨in¨) Tokyo.

If your plan is to RENT a CAR in TOKYO, let me tell you that is a WASTE OF MONEY. The city of  has at least 13.000.000 people and this means, that public transportation is one of the best, in the WORLD .

Wherever you want to go, there is a TRAIN or a subway, and to be honest, is not that EXPENSIVE for a tourist.

If your plan is to move constantly between cities, i reccomend you visiting https://www.japan-rail-pass.com/ and get the pass, works for trains, and the famous ¨Shinkansen¨ too.

If you like buildings, well, Tokyo is your city, if you are looking for ¨green¨ places, well, you might consider going to one of the old capitales like Kyoto, or Osaka, they are more ¨bush friendly¨. But if your plan is to have a ¨materialistic¨ or ¨shopping trip¨ and you feel like buying lots and lots of stuff, the Yodobashi are the stores that you will be looking for, but be ready to have your passport full of papers and be tempted to buy EVERYTHING!

Akihabara is a city where, you can buy a lot of electronics too, but, youll find, mainly stores referred to Games, or Anime. and the prices are higher, much higher.

Food is an important topic, if you are one of those persons that actually likes tasting new stuff, the city is full of small restaurants, wich many of them are hide, and just a few have a menu in english, and if they do, you´ll have to ask for it.

Seafood is a must, squid, fish (any) and swordfish is a MUST.

And to finish, remember that after 00:00hs, there are NO TRAINS or SUBWAYS, just cabs wich are quite EXPENSIVE.

Hope this helps you decide to visit Japan, is a great country and people over there are very kind.

Have a nice trip!

Ginza, Tokyo
Ginza, Tokyo
More Ginza, like the 5th Avenue.
More Ginza, like the 5th Avenue all the know brands in one street.

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