One day…

I remember, my last day of the biggest adventure i ever had. Wasnt climbing the Everest, wasnt on my motorcycle, it was going to a distant country, for a girl.

This is going to be a story that i will never forget, why? because is the evidence of what man can do for a woman.

It is January of 2016, and this are my last hours in London, United Kingdom and what i´ve learned here might be the lesson of my life.

This trip showed me a new limit in my life, and strengthened feelins inside. Showed me what i want for my life, and by saying this i mean what kind of girl i would like to be with, and where i would like to spend the rest of my days. I know is hard, life is hard and sometimes a little bit shitty but, is all about living it, right?.

This time London was different, i ¨lived¨ here with a different ¨head¨, i did some charity and met some amazing people, but i´m going back to Argentina with a new feeling, a new sensation, now i know where i want to be.

For the past few years ( and ever before knowing London ) i had this feeling of not belonging to the city, had lot´s of issues in school, always feeling unsafe on the street, always thinking that everyone will try to take advange of me and other things made me try to escape, but i wasnt sure where i can tell; that now i know.

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