Some nights, i wake up after dreaming about the accident. I can feel second by second how was it, i can feel your arms holding me hard while we fly in the air, i remember your lost look, and the tone in your voice asking me nonsense questions. I can feel again the pain in my body, and how i didnt give a shit about it, the only thing that mattered was you. Nothing was important, the motorcycle, the car, the street, nothing; it was only you what i care most. I remember the hospital and me, asking alway for you while you were examined. I will never forget how i cryed when we got out of there, i was so affraid of loosing you, like i never was before in my life.
But after a few minutes, i realize that now, you are thousands of kilometers aways from me, but you are ok your are living your life and i can go back to sleep. But i miss you, i miss you so much my love…..

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