Everyday remember….

I could lie to me and not be honest about you.

I do miss you, and i still think about you every day. But my life must go on, with a minimum hope that i´ll you see you again in the future.

There´s still a lot to live, and many places to visit; if i´m lucky i´ll find you somewhere around the world, and we will see each others smile again, our eyes, touch our skins and feel that ¨trembling¨ in out guts.

¨life is a shit¨, that´s what you said the last time we saw each other, but i´m dont agree with that.

Life gave me the possibility of knowing you, and even though im in need now, a part is happy knowing that there´s someone i could love, someone of blood and flesh.

Thank you, thanks for your touch, your kisses, your hugs, your eyes, and your hair.

Thank you for taking care of me those three days, i wont forget it. Never.


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