Almost a year

DSC_0335Life is about time, and all what happens in it. We live our lives trying to avoid many things just to feel comfort, and by doing that we forget the real meaning of it. Almost a year ago i lived a critical momento of my life, and thanks to that i realice that what i was doing, was wrong. Life is not about money, of course it helps, but dedicating more time to get instead of living life, is a wrong idea. Travel, get into an adventure, make everyday new, change you daily commuting route, eat something new, fall in love every 10 minutes, be curious!, make what you say, help someone everyday, dont tell your friends what they wanna hear, tell them the truth.

Share every moment with the ones you love, care of those who are miles away, but also those who are minutes away. Be honest about love, share love and dont keep it inside, feel like there are NO bounderies, follow your feelings.


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