trying not.

I remember that when i was a kid that i had lots of issues, mainly at school but some from bullying and racism.

I grew up in a neighborhood where rugby, sports and ¨good looking¨ where like a must, but unfotunately i had none of those three in me. I was more the geek type, fan of fantastic books, computers, tecnology etc and my group of friends was quite small. Now, thinking about it i realice it was thanks to those experiences that i learned how important thinks were. The importance of friendship, the importance of taking care of the thinks i loved, but mainly: relationships.

By saying ¨relationships¨ i refer mainly on how to treat people, people i know and people i dont know, and a result of that is the person i am. Im weird, i know that; but there´s so much to see, if o allow you to see it. If i do, you should know that is because YOU are special, not me.


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