Let me get out!

I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But since i remember i´ve been trying to get out of this country!

Took me quite a long time to understand this feeling, but for the past two years i reallly understood why. I was borned in a very posh area, where kids usually go to play rugby or sailing, and girls play Hockey, a place with  big houses and everything is about spending holiday in another country or going to the beach.

I was different, i wasnt interested on Rugby, not even Hockey or any sport at all, and because of this i was ¨different¨. I wasnt even good at school, had low grades and i pretty much spent my youth in front of the computer, playing PS, discovering the internet and watching MTV.

I am a little chubby since i remember, but i never had a problem with that; others did. Mainly the girls that i liked who 90% of them rejected me, so imagine, pretty much my whole ¨love life¨ is rejection and frustration; how do you think that my first relationship will end up? ugly, and it did with a big fight and me not knowing what i was doing. I learned in this country, that everything i love is gonna give at some point a bad experience. My last one was, the crash with my motorcycle. There are many other stories in my life, most of them sad, but although that i´ve learned, and i have re-invented myself; mainly because i dont want to go through the same nightmare over and over

I´ve travelled a lot, i´ve meet lots of people from other countrys and i have this feeling that, moving somewhere else, will bring me peace and help me to improve myself, in a good way, without having to suffer. Argentinians are recognized as warm people, and very intense regarding feelings, we like soccer and screaming at the tv when our team loses, we like to drive between lanes and blaming others shouting out the windows, but seems lot of Europeans like that, or at least they like to see it.

Things might change for me, life can bring new persons to it, and show me that ¨running away¨ is not the answer but, at some point i feel i need to go. I want my future kids to grow in a place were they can feel safe, and also where i can feel safe about them. It´s weird, is strange.


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