Amazed once more.

Vacaciones sin preocupaciones 2
¨Vacaciones sin preocupaciones¨- Campaña Puertas Pentagono (TP UNIVERSITARIO)

Hey Folks, it´s been a while. Lately i´m quite busy with work, university and stuff.

Last weekend, was once of those weekens that i love, mainly cause i did a kind of ´last minute call´ to Santiago de Chile. After ending university final exams (passed 6 out of 6, i´m awsome) decided i needed to ¨disconnect¨ for the weekend and do some shopping. Someone told me once that Santiago the Chile was a city quite cheap, clothe and electronics are bought by Argentinians every day to the country. So that´s what i did, bought a ticket, made a reservation on a good rated Hostel and waited for the day.

The weekend chosen was from the 4th of August to sunday 6th. Just 2 nights and 3 days. Saturday seemed a good day to go on shopping so my idea was quite simple: arrive on friday, spend the day doing nothing and resting from work, wake up on Saturday and go to the mall. Spend loads of money, go back to the hostel, sleep and then prepare to go back Argentina. Pretty simple and without any pretention, i´m used to Hostel, i´m used to meet new people, but this time as i wasnt staying for a long time i just decided not to be too social.

Friday night a met a very nice Canadian girl, based in Buenos Aires, but travelling around Chile for a week or so, she was quite nice and we have nice normal chit chats, shared a dinner but thats it, normal Hostel ¨relationships¨ i guess.

My suprise was Julieta (not real name), South African, living in Oman with more than 80 countrys visited, mother of two, once widow, re married and lots of storys about her trips around the world. It was suprised by her for many reaons (some might be stupid):

  • She looked like on her 30´s, but she really is entering her 50´s.
  • Her color skin was simply exotic, sexy hehe.
  • True Smile, now here i should explain what this means for me. Someone that truly smile is a persons who has a very concrete idea of life, a persona who enjoys each day, each chat. Julieta is like that, talking to ger gives the sensation of ¨freedom¨. The best thing of Julie is, if you are a storytelling fan, that she has lots of them, lots lots lots AND the best part is that each story is on a different country.
  • Her hair, not sure if it is red or brown, but seemed gorgeous.
  • Like regular hostels there are places where you go and you can smoke, so as a smoke i have to go 3 or 4 times a week. Satuday night after coming back from the mall and quite tired, sitting and smoking seemed a nice and relaxing idea, so thats what i did. For my suprise Julieta was there, smoking and i found myself talking to her, friend connection was instantly, confidence too and later that day, all the evolved into a late night talk about her life, mine, and our passion for travel.

Just amazed by her, Amazed by life, amazed by people but you want to know what amazed me the most? That SHE was born the same day that i did: October te 10th.


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