So far, so good?

So, i´m lucky so far for what i`ve done and the people i´ve met. I think that everyone of them taught me in their own way, and also is in me to learn or at least to find out what to learn.

I think that is one of the reasons i like travelling, cause i like meeting people, and talk to them, like Julie on my last trip, an amazing woman. This year i have a new bike, and my plan is travelling south Patagonia with a friend on January, i´m really looking forward to it cause i need to feel the road, once again. But this time i´ll try to document everything differently, photos and videos if possible. i think that keeping a vlog would be a nice idea and show you guys how #Patagonia is like.

I also thought of travelling abroad, going back to London, or Japan seemed a good idea, but i realized that i should do those trips with more than one purpose, business for example, or at least have a meeting or something. So this 2018 has some goals, the first one is to finish university and get the degree, the second one is to make my business grow and the third one is to get into a relationship. For some people all these are easy, for some others like me, arent.

Anyways, we are getting to mid of the year, thesis is advancing slowly but might able to get it and about the relationship……well….not even at the horizon hehehe.

After starting writing my thesis, that is related with fashion and art direction, started to think about myself in a fashion way. I do know that i have ¨MY¨ way, a lot of people told me that, but i realized that in clothe i didnt, i wasnt expressing something by it, and now i want to. So i´m experiencing different outfits and brands that seems quite enjoyable (and expensive) but fun at the end.


Will see what happens….



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