About me



I was born in the city of Buenos Aires on 1985, on a neighborhood called San Isidro.

Son of Juan Eduardo Bettinelli and Alicia Susana Ratto (both lawers). My childhood was quite different from others, i didn´t like sports and because of that i didn´t have many friends. There was always music at my house, my dad used to play the piano and my mom was always listening to The Beatles, José Luis Perables or Mercedes Sosa.

I remember that i was very interested on technology, the tv and computer were always turned on, and trying to fix electronics, a must.

I went to 3 different schools and i think that none of them really understood  how i was, but they tryed i´m very thankful for that.

I found my artist side, when i was 18 (i learned the electric guitar younger but that wasnt very succesful). I wanted to play an instrument and one of my fathers friend took me to take classes with Maestro Hugo Pierre (RIP) that was one of the best saxophone/clarinet player in Argentina. He showed me how to study Academic music and introduced me to conducting. It is because of him that i decided to study Conducting in the UCA (Catholic University of Buenos Aires).

I didnt do much there, actually my academic life was pretty much a mess, took me 6 years to realize that UCA was not the place for me, but i did learned a lot of stuff and made many good friends. This is how my Artist side woke and showed me that visual stuff and music was something that moves very inside of me. After some time, i found a career that has it all, and that was: Advertising.

I´m not going tell you every detail of my life so i invite you to browse the website and see what i do, what i like and love.

Thank you for reading.