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Some nights, i wake up after dreaming about the accident. I can feel second by second how was it, i can feel your arms holding me hard while we fly in the air, i remember your lost look, and the tone in your voice asking me nonsense questions. I can feel again the pain in […]

One day…

I remember, my last day of the biggest adventure i ever had. Wasnt climbing the Everest, wasnt on my motorcycle, it was going to a distant country, for a girl. This is going to be a story that i will never forget, why? because is the evidence of what man can do for a woman. […]

About Friendship

I think that everyone get to a point that can confuse a relationship of friendship with love. Most of the times is that, but recently, it happened to me totally the opposite let me tell you my story. Around august this year i meet this girl in BA, at a very know event where people […]

About Tokyo…

About Tokyo, Japan.   I remember that when my dad asked me if i wanted to visit Tokyo, and see River Plate play the Semi-final and Final of the FIFA´s Club World Cup, my first thought was ¨No way, No one goes to Tokyo¨. But a few months later i realized that it was going […]

What follows next!?

Here i go! Hey folks! i have some good news. During all December i´ll be travelling to Japan and the UK. To be more accurate ill be in Tokyo from the 11th till the 22th, and in London (my favourite city) from the 23th till the 4th of January. Purpose of the trip? well there […]


V-oice, that gives sweetness. I-ntroduction to a new story. C-hange of life T-trying to be complete. O-bstacle in life R-adiant eyes. I-ncredibly happy A-wsome partner and friend.


Sometimes you wake up and you find youself alone in the dark. You Don’t need worry Sometimes you arrive to your home, and is empty, no one around is there. You Don’t need to worry Sometimes, you pick a cigarrete and no one is around to give you light. You Don’t need to worry.. Sometimes, […]