Before completing his high school studies he had already begun to explore the alto saxophone from the hand of his Mtro. Hugo Pierre, after some years the began to realize that conducting was his real ¨call¨. For many years through the Buenos Aires night he participate in several groups of ¨under¨ music as Ska music, Reggae, and Rock among others.

DSC_4403After having meditated for a long time his future, he decides to enter the career of Orchestral conducting at the Catholic University of Argentina, achieving its income in 2009. Where it is until today that is still attending classes quietly and without haste. His professional career as a Conductor begins in 2011 when he was invited to conduct the Youth orchestra of Michelena edo. Tachira (Venezuela) belonging to the system of Venezuelan Orchestras and Choirs.He feels a strong passion with social activities and decides to begin to get involved with any social system-culture-music of Latin America achieved to be able to have contact with orchestras in Chile, Paraguay (sounds of the Earth) and Venezuela (FESNOJIV). It is until today that has scheduled trips to Chile, Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

Guido Bettinelli is characterized not only by his knowledge, but by his charisma as a person and as a group leader.

It is during the 2011 that he starts with a social project named “School of Music Stella Maris” ( ) located in the neighborhood of Munro, Buenos Aires (Argentina) and is up to the present that performs music educational activities along with a select group of teachers of symphonic instruments. He founded the Children Orchestra Stella Maris and has many more projects planned for 2013 onwards.

Beyond their academic activities at the Catholic University of Argentina, participated in the following seminars of Orchestral conducting:

– Forum Nueva Música, Cordoba (2013) -Christof M Loser –

-Camping Musical Bariloche (2011)

-Course of Orchestral conducting of the Collegium Musicum of Buenos Aires directed by Mtro Mauritius Weintraub.

-Seminar of Orchestral Conducting  in Asunción, Paraguay dictated by Mtro Dario Alejandro Ntaca.

During the 2012 founded the Big Band BAserius, grouping of musicians of great diversity of ages that are dedicated to play purely and exclusively repertoire of Jazz or for bigband. Among the members of the BAserius are great figures of the Jazz movement as: Miguel de Caro, Santiago Mate, Mario Sandroni led a, Juan Villasante among others.

Within his musical interests he also feels strongly attracted by the contemporary music interacting well with Argentine composers of international level who have asked him to premiered works at a national level.