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Amazed once more.

Hey Folks, it´s been a while. Lately i´m quite busy with work, university and stuff. Last weekend, was once of those weekens that i love, mainly cause i did a kind of ´last minute call´ to Santiago de Chile. After ending university final exams (passed 6 out of 6, i´m awsome) decided i needed to […]

Everyday remember….

I could lie to me and not be honest about you. I do miss you, and i still think about you every day. But my life must go on, with a minimum hope that i´ll you see you again in the future. There´s still a lot to live, and many places to visit; if i´m lucky […]

Just in time…

The right moment when you realize how much you care about someone, is the moment most needed. Dont let this happen to you, always be honest about feelings and bet you’ll be living your life.  

About dreams

  When i was younger i had a pretty weird experience with dreams. One time i had this dream about a ex gilfriend, that she was very sad, and in a very sad situation. Even though i wasn’t talking to her like for 4 years i decide to text her principally to know how was […]


Some nights, i wake up after dreaming about the accident. I can feel second by second how was it, i can feel your arms holding me hard while we fly in the air, i remember your lost look, and the tone in your voice asking me nonsense questions. I can feel again the pain in […]

One day…

I remember, my last day of the biggest adventure i ever had. Wasnt climbing the Everest, wasnt on my motorcycle, it was going to a distant country, for a girl. This is going to be a story that i will never forget, why? because is the evidence of what man can do for a woman. […]